Data visualization and data science is hard to separate

We live in the era of data. Data is knowledge and power. But data can be complex, misleading and hard to grasp.

When I first get new data, I immediately start plotting. This is the best way to approach a data set and to understand what’s going on. I learn which stories the data can tell and which questions can be answered with it.

Matthias Stahl while coding

Data + people + coffee = creativity

After having applied statistical methods, developed custom algorithms or machine learning, I come back to data visualization. It packs all the gathered knowledge in a visual code that can be distributed to colleagues, collaborators and the public. That’s really the most exciting feature of data visualization: It comprises the whole data science process and is just beautiful.

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Visualization experience is key. That’s why I also teach and talk

I love to spread the word about the power of data visualization. This is why I am speaking about my insights and projects on conferences and company / university seminars. However, I most like giving workshops about designing data visualizations. It’s astonishing how fruitful direct interaction with the participants is.

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